Andrea Worden

Andrea Worden

Owner & Senior Attorney

When looking for an attorney there is a fear that by picking the wrong one you will end up with someone who doesn’t do their best for your best. That fear will never be realized and should quickly diminish when you hire Andrea Worden as your defender, your voice in a tough system. The right choice. The attorney who always does what she believes is right by her client. For the past 11 years, Andrea has devoted her career and much of her life to her passion, being an advocate and representative to those whose lives and freedom are on the line. Being a lawyer and counselor is more than Andrea’s profession, it is her privilege and part of her greater purpose. Andrea is proud and grateful to have been raised in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma where she was taught that hard work, sincerity, respectfulness for all people and honoring one’s word and trust are at the core of being a good person. Andrea began her legal career working for the Cleveland County District Attorney’s office as a file clerk and worked her way up to prosecuting misdemeanors which provided her with great insight into the inner workings of DA’s offices and the workload and thought processes of prosecutors. Andrea also had the opportunity to intern with the civil rights organization, The Rutherford Institute under the leadership of her real life hero John Whitehead, which helped shape her into the attorney she is today.

Andrea has been recognized for her hard work by the Journal Record’s Leadership in Law Award, 2015 and 2016 Super Lawyers designation and acceptance into the prestigious National Association of DUI Defense. Andrea prides herself in her willingness and ability to do everything in her power to provide her best to and for her clients, what she would expect and want as the client. Some attorneys avoid the tough cases and like the path of least resistance, Andrea enjoys the challenge and never takes the shortcut.

Law Specialization:

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law