Wyatt Worden

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Nonprofit organizations often face the same legal issues that businesses face, but few nonprofits can afford to have a full-time attorney on staff. If you are an officer or a director of a nonprofit, don't turn to the unreliable legal advice that the internet can provide. Here in Oklahoma, there's a better solution.

The attorneys at the Worden Law Firm take pride in offering Oklahoma's nonprofit organizations the legal services and advice they need. When your nonprofit becomes a client of the Worden Law Firm, we take whatever time and effort is necessary to provide you with excellent and effective legal services.


While many attorneys strive for excellence, Wyatt Worden personifies it.

Simply graduating from law school is a genuine personal accomplishment for anyone. Wyatt Worden not only graduated number one in his law school class, but he did it while working and operating a business full-time and having a family. Moreover, Wyatt was honored with twelve CALI awards, the award given to the top score in each class, while attending law school at the Oklahoma City University School of Law. Wyatt also earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

Wyatt brings formidable intelligence, remarkable research skills, and a personal dedication to excellence to every Worden Law Firm case that he works on as an associate attorney.


If your nonprofit needs legal advice and/or legal representation in Norman, Oklahoma City, or anywhere else in this state, an experienced nonprofit attorney at the Worden Law Firm is ready to help.

Worden Law Firm offers a monthly retainer service that gives nonprofit organizations access to the reliable legal information they need. We believe the work of nonprofit organizations is far too important to risk, simply because they may be unable to afford access to costly legal advice.

This service provides our nonprofit clients with five hours per month of their attorney's time, which can be used for almost anything related to the nonprofit's legal needs. Nonprofit officers and directors can contact their attorney and be guaranteed a response within 24 hours.

Do not rely on the internet for legal advice. It's just too risky. If you are an officer or a director of a nonprofit, your organization deserves an attorney who is committed to excellence.

You can speak to an experienced Oklahoma nonprofit attorney by calling the Worden Law Firm at 405-266-3028 or contact us online to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation first legal consultation.