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Cleveland County Drug Trafficking Attorney- Poking Holes in the Prosecutor’s Case

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There are many different drug crimes in the state of Oklahoma, but most people would agree that drug trafficking is the most serious of them all. Not only are the penalties for this crime serious, but law enforcement is also known for aggressively pursuing people who are believed to be trafficking drugs.

Being accused of drug trafficking can be terrifying. Many people in this situation are unsure of what to do or how to defend themselves. The truth is that the worst thing you can do when put in this situation is not hire a private attorney right away. Let the team of experienced criminal defense attorneys at Worden Law Firm fight these charges.

Our team of attorneys have over 21 years of combined legal experience. We are respected by both the judges and district attorneys in the community. Call or email us today to learn how we can fight for your freedom.

Law Firm- Assisting Clients With the Expungement of Criminal Records

Cleveland County Expungement Attorney- Helping Clients Restore Their Good Names

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A criminal charge carries a number of different consequences. Depending on the nature of the crime, people who have been charged with a crime can be sentenced to spend time behind bars, pay substantial fines, or complete community service hours. But, these are not the only consequences. Every time someone performs a background check on you, this criminal charge will show up. This means a criminal charge can also affect your ability to find employment or housing in the future.

It’s not hard to see why so many people with criminal records are interested in having them expunged, or cleared, as soon as possible. But unfortunately, only certain individuals qualify for expungement.

Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Worden Law Firm to find out if you meet the requirements for expungement. If so, our criminal defense lawyers will be happy to walk you through every step of the process so you can restore your good name.

Legal Services – Ready to Help Minors Protect Their Futures

Cleveland County Juvenile Crimes Attorney- With A Track Record Clients Can Trust

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No parent ever wants to hear that their child has been accused of committing a crime. This isn’t something a parent plans on dealing with, but it happens to many parents throughout the state of Oklahoma. Instead of trying to navigate through the juvenile justice system alone, let one of the attorneys at Worden Law Firm help.

Don’t wait to find out how your child is being charged before hiring an attorney. Seek an attorney’s help right away, too much is at stake. For help during this challenging time, contact The Worden Law Firm to speak to a professional member of our legal team.

Trial Attorney- Known For Winning Not Guilty Verdicts For Theft Defendants

Cleveland County Theft Crimes Lawyer- Fighting For the Best Outcome Possible

  • If you have been charged with a crime, the best way to defend yourself is to hire an award-winning attorney from one of the best law firms in Cleveland County.
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In the state of Oklahoma, theft is committed when someone takes another person’s property with the intent to deprive that person of the property. When this crime occurs in a retail setting, it is often referred to as shoplifting, but it’s still considered theft.

The value of the stolen property will determine the criminal charges each defendant faces. If the defendant is accused of stealing property worth less than $500, he will face petit larceny charges. But, if the defendant is accused of stealing property worth more than $500, he will face grand theft charges. Petit larceny is a misdemeanor, whereas grand theft is a felony.

Regardless of which theft crime you are charged with, it’s important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Call or email Worden Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation. During this initial consultation, you will learn how our criminal defense attorneys can fight for your freedom and protect your future.

Family Law Attorney- Helping Families Resolve Their Differences

Cleveland County Family Law Attorney- Overcoming Obstacles in Family-Related Disputes

  • Don’t try to resolve emotional family issues without the help of an award-winning attorney from one of the best family law firms in town.
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You may know to call a criminal defense attorney after being arrested or a personal injury attorney after being injured. But, who do you call when a legal issue arises within your family? Contact the family law attorneys at Worden Law Firm.

Family law covers a wide range of practice areas, including divorce, child custody, property division, and adoption. These cases can be incredibly complicated. Emotions also tend to run high in these situations, which makes it harder for people to reach resolutions on their own. Don’t put yourself through the stress of dealing with these issues on your own—contact a family law attorney for help instead.

The family law attorneys at Worden Law Firm are committed to helping families in Oklahoma find solutions. Get a better understanding of your rights and legal options by sitting down with one of our family law attorneys today. Schedule a free consultation by calling or emailing our law office now.

Divorce Lawyer – Protecting the Interests of Our Clients

Cleveland County Divorce Attorney- Providing Emotional and Legal Support to Divorcing Clients

  • The award-winning family law attorneys at Worden Law Firm can help clients reach favorable divorce settlements.
  • Our honest and aggressive lawyers work tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome for our clients.
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Marriages can end for a number of reasons. Sometimes, couples file for divorce because of a specific problem, such as financial trouble or infidelity. But, in many cases, couples choose to end their marriage because they have simply grown apart from one another. Regardless of the reason, divorce can be difficult for everyone involved.

It’s best to reach out to a divorce attorney prior to filing for divorce so you can determine if you can proceed on your own, require legal assistance with prepping documents, or require legal representation for the entire process. However, if your spouse is the one who files, you may not even see the divorce coming. It’s important to contact a divorce attorney as soon as you are made aware of the divorce. Call or email the divorce attorneys at Worden Law Firm today. We will set up a free consultation so you can speak with one of our team members about your case.

Divorce Service – Helping Stepparents Become Legal Parents

Cleveland County Stepparent Adoptions Lawyer- Helping Modern Families in Cleveland County Expand

  • A number of obstacles may arise during the adoption process, but our award-winning attorneys can help you overcome them.
  • Andrea Worden is an experienced attorney who is committed to bringing families together.
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Although stepparents aren’t the biological parents, the reality is that stepparents and stepchildren often share a close relationship. However, stepparents still do not have legal parenting rights over the stepchild. In order to gain these rights, the stepparent must legally adopt the stepchild.

Stepparent adoptions are incredibly common in today’s society, but unfortunately, they can also be incredibly frustrating. Stepparents are often surprised to find that there are a number of legal obstacles to overcome before the adoption becomes official. Many stepparents aren’t sure how to overcome these obstacles on their own, which is why they turn to the experienced family law attorneys at Worden Law Firm.

Our attorneys are happy to guide stepparents through the adoption process and tackle the obstacles as they arise. With our help, stepparents can focus solely on the joy of becoming their stepchild’s legal parent. Call today to get started.

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