If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in Oklahoma then it is imperative that you enlist the help of a legal professional. An attorney that handles misdemeanor cases will understand the legal process and aggressively fight for your rights in court. Though a misdemeanor is not as severe as a felony, you should know that the consequences can still be serious.

At Worden & Carbitcher, we have years of experience handling such misdemeanor cases and we have encountered several questions from our former clients. Here are some of the most common questions we have received:

What's a misdemeanor? 

A misdemeanor could result in a fine, jail time, or both. Misdemeanors can also appear on your criminal record and can hurt future employment prospects.

Here are just a few examples of crimes in Oklahoma that can result in a misdemeanor charge:

  • public intoxication
  • assault & battery
  • drug possession
  • domestic violence
  • DUI
  • DWI
  • drug possession
  • petty larceny

Do I really need a lawyer for a misdemeanor charge?

If you choose to represent yourself in your misdemeanor case, you do run the risk of facing more jail time or higher fines than you would have with proper legal representation. In some cases, your defense attorney might be able to reduce the charges or have the charge dismissed. Our team will evaluate your case, provide knowledgeable advice, and help you navigate the process for the best possible outcome.

At Worden & Carbitcher we understand that facing criminal charges can be terrifying. As top criminal defense lawyers, we understand what you're going through and are ready to help. Contact us today for your consultation.