Ryleigh Cooper

“If somebody says no, you're asking the wrong person.” - Kris Jenner

Ryleigh Cooper graduated from OCU and officially joined the firm shortly after graduation. Drawn to W&C because of its diversity and female ownership, Ms. Cooper brought with her a strong work ethic, charisma, and a fight-for-you attitude that has remained unwavering.

Strength in Adaptability
A good lawyer knows how to adapt, change pace, and apply pressure where it's needed. These are Ryleigh Cooper's strong points. She thrives in a swift, fast-paced environment. Quick on her feet, Ms. Cooper understands that things can change rapidly when it comes to criminal and family law matters and that responding - rather than reacting - to that change can make all the difference in your case. 
Born and raised in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma, Ms. Cooper has a passion for helping fight for the best interest of those in the criminal justice system, no matter how complex. She also welcomes a challenge when it comes to family law, be it custody modifications, divorce, or protective orders. 
Ryleigh Cooper will stand in your corner and do what it takes to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case. No case too challenging, she thrives in difficult situations that many attorneys would shy away from.

If you're looking for a criminal law or family attorney who can go to bat for you with professionalism, unmatched adaptability, and a winner's attitude, Ms. Cooper is ready to hear your case.