Darlene Carbitcher

Darlene Carbitcher

Associate Attorney

Passing the bar allows someone to become a lawyer but that does not make someone an exceptional lawyer. Exceptional criminal defense lawyers have compassion for their clients, possess the ability to humanize a client to prosecutors and judges, honor clients by taking the time to study their client’s cases and have sharp negotiation skills. Darlene Carbitcher is more than a lawyer, she is a seasoned and skilled defender. Darlene has been a licensed attorney practicing in the State of Oklahoma since 2007. For the past 10 years, her focus has been entirely devoted to criminal defense and expungements. She began her criminal defense career with a limited law license working for the Law Firm of Joel W. Barr, a long time, respected criminal defense attorney of Cleveland County, Oklahoma. With Mr. Barr’s guidance and mentorship, Darlene gained the knowledge and experience to successfully take on and resolve almost every type of criminal law matter, both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Since joining the Worden Law Firm, Darlene has expanded her experience and practice into multiple surrounding counties. Darlene has the ability to calm a client from the first meeting to the closing of the client’s case. Darlene makes sure her clients understand the process and are involved in the handling of their case from beginning to the end. Darlene is respected among judges and other lawyers for her character and handling of criminal matters.

Law Specialization:

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law