Small nonprofit organizations often face an ever-growing list of confusing and complex legal issues. These nonprofits typically have less than ten employees and limited budgets, and the cost of hiring a large law firm or in-house counsel can be astronomical. Without the resources and funds to pay these fees, many small nonprofits turn to the internet to answer their legal questions.

Seeking answers to legal questions online and not through a reputable attorney can be dangerous, especially if the information found is inaccurate. The work of nonprofit organizations is far too important to risk simply because they are unable to afford access to sound legal advice.

The legal team at Worden Law Firm recognizes the challenges that smaller nonprofits face and offers an affordable, customized solution.

What Does The Service Offered By Worden Law Firm For Small Nonprofits Entail?

For just $500 per month, Worden Law Firm offers a monthly retainer service that gives our member organizations access to trusted legal information tailored to the unique circumstance of their organization. Member organizations are allotted five hours per month of their lawyer's time, which can be used for just about anything related to the legal needs of the organization. The assigned attorney can be reached via phone, email, or text with a guaranteed 24-hour response time.

What Services Are Included For The Allotted Time?

While every nonprofit is different, most face the same, or similar, legal issues. Here are some of the ways that a nonprofit law attorney can help:

  • Reviewing formation and governance documents, both state and federal
  • Navigating solicitation registration requirements, which vary from state to state
  • Structuring employee compensation and navigating employment law issues
  • Explaining Form 990 requirements
  • Dealing with board governance issues
  • Assessing general liability concerns
  • Tax-exempt requirements and restrictions, such as Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
  • Establishing internal controls and best practices, such as a conflict of interest policy

What Types Of Services Would Not Be Included With The Monthly Retainer?

While there are many services included in Worden Law Firm's nonprofit service, there are a few things that are not. These services are not included:

  • Representation on contested matters, such as contract disputes, litigation, and government sanctions
  • Matters unrelated to nonprofit law

Why Are Spaces Limited For The Nonprofit Service Offered By Worden Law Firm?

This legal solution is available to a maximum of fifty nonprofit organizations. This limited availability is to ensure that the attorney serving the organization is able to get to know the particular nonprofit inside and out in order to better serve their needs. The goal of the program is to provide a level of service comparable to that of in-house counsel, at a fraction of the cost.

Get Started With Worden Law Firm's Nonprofit Law Assistance And Protect Your Organization

The skilled attorneys at Worden Law Firm understand the importance of good legal counsel for small nonprofits. We would love to get to know more about your nonprofit and discuss how we can help you. Contact us today for your consultation!