Oklahomans are known for their generosity. The state's culture of hard work, compassion, and community is one of the reasons over 4,000 nonprofits have chosen to make Oklahoma their home. Of the thousands of organizations registered in the state, very few have the time, energy, or resources to stay on top of the ever-changing legal requirements imposed on them at both the state and federal levels.

Regardless of their size or budget, all nonprofit groups must fully comply with state law to receive tax-exempt status and be considered legal entities recognized by the state. A sometimes complicated and time-consuming process, hiring the help of a nonprofit attorney can ensure your nonprofit is both legal and prepared to do the best work possible. 

If you currently operate an Oklahoma nonprofit or plan to create one, our experienced nonprofit attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher can provide the guidance you need.

How we can help 

A key component for most nonprofit entities is obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status. An exemption from state and federal taxes allows your nonprofit to put more of its resources into the important work of helping people. Additionally, most donations to tax-exempt organizations are tax-deductible, making it critical for organizations to maintain tax-exempt status for fundraising purposes.

Our attorneys at Worden & Carbitcherhave the expertise needed to set up your nonprofit in a way that will comply with state and federal requirements. Let us focus on the legal hurdles so that you and your team can continue pursuing your nonprofit goals. 

The legal requirements for nonprofit entities don't end upon formation. The state requires periodic reporting requirements. You'll also be required to adapt to any regulation changes that could affect your organization. 

A mistake can cost your organization its tax-exempt status. It is even possible for tax-exempt entities to overstep the limits on tax-free activity, creating the potential for unexpected tax liabilities. The legal landscape for nonprofits is filled with consequential decisions, all of which can affect your organization's ability to continue its mission.

We are currently accepting nonprofit clients. Whether you're in the early planning stages or have operated a successful Oklahoma nonprofit for years, there are always benefits to having a nonprofit attorney by your side. The nonprofit attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher are available to provide guidance to your organization on any aspect of nonprofit law. 

Help on a budget: Worden & Carbitcher's Small Nonprofit Retainer Program

For a small nonprofit, the idea of having an experienced nonprofit attorney on retainer may sound farfetched. Good legal advice can be costly, but our team offers a service designed to give small nonprofits access to experienced legal counsel that won't break the budget.

With the Small Nonprofit Retainer Program, you are allotted five billable hours per month of time from the nonprofit attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher. This time can be allotted in any way you see fit, depending on the legal needs of your organization. Our attorneys guarantee a quick and timely response within 24 hours. Here are a few of the tasks your attorneys can perform on behalf of your organization:

  • Review all formation and governance documents  on both the state and federal level
  • Help you navigate solicitation registration requirements
  • Structure the compensation of your employees in a way that will fit within your budget
  • Provide guidance on all labor and employment issues
  • Explain all Form 990 requirements
  • Provide guidance with board governance issues
  • Advise your organization on any potential legal liability issues that might arise
  • Discuss Tax-exempt requirements and restrictions, such as Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
  • Establish internal controls and best practices, such as a conflict of interest policy

Worden & Carbitcher's Small Nonprofit Retainer Program provides answers to most of your organization's legal questions or problems with one phone call. The retainer program only offers advice and counsel pertaining to nonprofit legal issues. It will not cover other areas of the law.

While this program entitles you to guidance on these issues, it is not intended to cover representation on contested matters. Contested matters include contract disputes, lawsuits, arbitrations, mediations, and government sanctions. While these are areas that our nonprofit attorneys may be able to take on for you, it is outside of the scope of the Small Nonprofit Retainer Program.

Admission into the Small Nonprofit Retainer Program only costs $500 per month

Our program can accommodate a maximum of 50 Oklahoma nonprofit organizations. When the program is at capacity, additional organizations will only be added when space becomes available. 

This limited availability allows us to provide high-level nonprofit legal advice for a fraction of what most firms would bill. If you are interested in the Small Nonprofit Retainer Program, call us at 405-360-8036. 

Your nonprofit is worth the best representation 

Counseling Oklahoma nonprofits is an important part of our law practice. We understand the good work that you do, and it is our mission to support Oklahoma charitable institutions with the best possible legal counsel. We understand that hiring legal counsel can be intimidating, and we tailor our process to ensure we hear our clients' concerns and respond with the legal counsel they require. 

If you would like to discuss your nonprofit organization's legal needs with an experienced Oklahoma nonprofit attorney, contact Worden & Carbitcher at 405-360-8036.