Guardianship lawyer oklahoma

When a child is under the age of 18 or an adult is considered incapacitated and unable to care for their own best interests, then the court may establish a legal guardian to represent them.

Guardianship attorneys play a critical role in representing the needs of those involved in legal guardianship matters. When hiring a guardianship attorney in the state of Oklahoma, you may have questions concerning what a legal guardianship means, what the process entails, and more. Here are some of the most common questions we have received from clients in the past:

Do I Have To Hire A Lawyer For A Legal Guardianship?

Some people opt to file to become a legal guardian without the help of an attorney. However, the clerks that provide the paperwork are unable to give legal advice or further assistance when necessary. The process can be time-consuming and complicated to attempt by one's self.

Hiring a legal guardianship attorney can be beneficial and make the process much easier on the person attempting to file for legal guardianship. This is particularly true if the guardianship is being contested by anyone.

In Oklahoma, What Does A Legal Guardianship Attorney Do?

A legal guardianship lawyer assists those that are seeking to file as either a limited decision-maker or an all-purpose decision-maker for a minor or adult that is incapable of making welfare decisions for themselves. For example, an adult child filing for legal guardianship of an elderly parent that no longer has the mental capacity to take care of themselves.

The attorney helps the person file the legal guardianship paperwork, set a hearing date, obtain necessary documentation, and offers additional legal advice when needed. Filing for guardianship can be tedious, and a reputable legal guardianship attorney can make the legal process simpler by ensuring that everything is done correctly the first time. A legal guardianship lawyer may also represent the guardian once they have been appointed.

How Can I Find The Right Legal Guardianship Attorney To Help Me?

Filing to become a legal guardian is not an everyday occurrence,so you might not even know where to begin. To find a trusted legal guardianship attorney, you should check with the Oklahoma Bar Association. This association will be able to help you locate attorneys near you and let you know if they are in good standing.

Another way to check for a reputable lawyer is to look at online reviews. A legal guardianship attorney with a good track record will not have an excessive amount of negative reviews. Finally, speak with the attorney you would like to hire and make sure you feel comfortable with them taking on your case. You should never feel pressured to hire a legal guardianship lawyer that you feel is a poor fit.

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