Guardianship in Oklahoma

When a child is under the age of 18 or an adult is considered unable to care for their own best interests, the court may establish a legal guardian to represent them.


Do I need a lawyer to establish guardianship?

Some people file to become a legal guardian without the help of an attorney. However, keep in mind that the clerks providing your paperwork are unable to give legal advice or further assistance. This can sometimes make the process complicated and time-consuming. 

An experienced guardianship attorney can make the process much smoother, particularly if the guardianship case is contested. But contested or otherwise, an attorney at Worden & Carbitcher allows you a safe place to ask questions, hear your options, and file for guardianship with a powerful advocate on your side.

Our attorneys can help you:

- understand the difference between full and limited guardianship
- file the necessary paperwork
- set court dates 
- obtain documents necessary for your case
- offer legal advice when necessary 

Filing for guardianship can become complex, but our reputable guardianship attorneys can make the legal process simpler by ensuring that everything is done correctly the first time. 


Let us make the process smoother 

Filing for guardianship can become complicated. The first step is meeting with one of our attorneys so that we can hear your situation, line out your options, and get the ball rolling should you choose to proceed. To schedule a consultation, please call 405-360-8036.