Family Law in Oklahoma

If you are seeking the help of an Oklahoma family law attorney, you are likely facing a major crossroads in your life. Whether it is exploring your options with adoption or seeking advice on a paternity action, the Worden Law Firm is ready to help. Our experienced family law attorneys are ready to discuss your case with you as you consider your legal options.

Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption has become the most common form of adoption in the United States. New families are formed every day, and many stepparents seek to create a legal relationship with their stepchildren through adoption. To adopt a stepchild, the stepparent must get the consent of the biological parents to adopt. While getting the spouse's consent is rarely a problem, the other biological parent might not always consent. In those cases, it is possible to have that parent's rights terminated in cases of abandonment or imprisonment.


There is nothing more generous than the act of adoption. However, the adoption process is purposefully intensive to protect the best interest of the child. The process can be riddled with surprising costs and challenges. It may be obvious to you that you have the means and temperament needed for adoption, but you will have to show those traits to the authorities as well. An experienced adoption attorney can help guide you through the process as you work to secure the adoption.

Custody Modification

When it comes to family living arrangements, circumstances can change. Relationships can shift, parents can move, and life can just become more complicated. A custody agreement that seemed fair when it was written may no longer make sense. With court approval, you can alter the terms of a child custody agreement. The custody arrangement can be altered even if the other parent disagrees if the court believes it is in the best interest of the child.

Support Modification

Just like with child custody, changing financial circumstances can greatly impact a court-ordered child support agreement. A non-custodial parent might seek a change in the agreement if the custodial parent gets a raise or remarries. The non-custodial parent may also seek a reduction of child support if they lose their job or face other financial hardship. The custodial parent may seek a modification increasing the child support if the non-custodial parent has seen an improvement in their financial situation, like getting a raise or inheriting a large amount of money.

Paternity Action

Paternity actions are often complicated. Frequently, a paternity action is only necessary because the relationship between two people has deteriorated. Having an experienced paternity attorney can relieve some stress and make the process less complicated. The Worden Law Firm is ready to help mothers that want to obtain an order establishing paternity of their child. We are also prepared to help alleged fathers recently served with a paternity action. An order establishing paternity can lead to child support and child custody orders, so the stakes are high. Contact the Worden Law Firm today to get answers to your paternity questions.