Are you facing a DUI or a drug-related charge in Tulsa County? If the answer is yes, Worden Law Firm is here to help. As experienced DUI attorneys in a state with some of the harshest penalties, we are here to offer legal advice you can count on. We understand how stressful and frightening it is to find yourself faced with a DUI or other similar charge, which is why we are so committed to our clients. It is common knowledge that alcohol or drugs can impair your judgment and ability to safely operate a vehicle. That being said, we understand that people make mistakes and deserve a second chance. Here at Worden Law Firm we work aggressively to ensure you receive the best possible sentence, if any sentence at all.

For you to have a fighting chance in court, it is of the utmost importance that you have an experienced and knowledgeable Tulsa County DUI lawyer by your side. We will fight tirelessly for your rights and do everything in our power to ensure you are given the best chance moving forward. DUI and drug charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies and even life in prison. It goes without saying that anyone faced with these charges wants to avoid jail time and hefty fines. Here at Worden Law Firm, it is our job to help those who find themselves in difficult situations. We believe in keeping communication lines open and doing what we can to ensure our clients feel secure and supported by our team of legal professionals.


Drunk driving and drug-related charges of any kind are very serious, especially in Oklahoma. Regardless of whether it is your first offense or you have faced this type of charge in the past, you deserve a lawyer who will fight for you. In Oklahoma, even the most minor DUI offense can bring a sentence of up to a year in jail, plus seriously expensive fines. As mentioned, Oklahoma has very serious DUI penalties and does not take these matters lightly. Your best chance of having the charges reduced or dropped, and avoiding jail time, is to hire a Tulsa County DUI attorney from Worden Law Firm.

Oklahoma has numerous rules and regulations that pertain to DUI charges, including the fact that you have just 15 days from the time you are arrested to request a hearing. This is why it is so important for you to act quickly and retain the services of a DUI attorney from Worden Law. We will work around the clock to ensure no rock if left uncovered and all the necessary steps are taken. We have your best interests in mind and are happy to discuss your Tulsa County DUI or drug charge today. Please contact Worden Law Firm and schedule a free consultation.



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