Oklahoma adoption lawyer

Adopting a child is an exciting event for every member of the family. However, the legal process of adoption can be complicated and stressful for all parties involved. The skilled attorneys at Worden Law Firm understand just how sensitive this entire process can be, and we have years of experience handling adoption cases. Here are some of the common questions we have heard in the past concerning legal adoptions in Oklahoma:

Can People Other Than Couples Adopt A Child In The State Of Oklahoma?

It's a common misconception that only couples can adopt a child in Oklahoma. This is untrue, and in fact, it is possible for individuals to adopt children. As a family law office with years of experience, we have helped individuals, families, and couples through the adoption process, and we can help you.

There are also unique situations to be considered when adopting a child. Some of the special cases we handle include step-parent adoptions, blood relative adoptions, overseas adoptions, DHS adoptions, and the adoption of relatives not related by blood.

What Does An Adoption Attorney Do?

An adoption lawyer will guide you through the entire adoption process. If you are trying to adopt a child and are in the beginning stage, then your attorney can help you find an agency. An attorney can also assist with filing the necessary paperwork and can even represent you in court when needed. Adoption attorneys understand the laws and regulations that apply to your case and will ensure that you meet the requirements.

The process of adoption can be lengthy, and any legal missteps or missed paperwork can slow the process down even further. Having an experienced attorney on your side will greatly increase your chances of a successful and timely adoption.

In Oklahoma, Do I Have To Have An Adoption Lawyer?

Throughout the process of adoption, you may work with social workers, counselors, or other professionals, but an attorney acts as your legal guide. The legal process of adoption can be complicated, and if you are unsure about the process at all, then an adoption lawyer can be beneficial.

Be sure to speak with the attorney you are interested in potentially hiring to make sure you are comfortable with them being the legal professional that eventually helps you grow your family.

How Much Does An Adoption Lawyer In Norman, OK Cost?

Every case is different, and some are more complex than others. It is difficult to say what the fee for an adoption attorney would be without discussing the individual case. During your initial consultation, you should discuss payment. A good adoption attorney will be open and honest about their legal fees and gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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In Oklahoma, if you are attempting to adopt a child into your family, then contact a law office with a team of experienced adoption attorneys today. At Worden Law Firm, our attorneys know how the Oklahoma adoption process works, and we're ready to represent you in your adoption case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let us help you grow your family!