PROTECTIVE ORDERS (Restraining Orders)

If you have wrongfully been served with a protective order, then having a lawyer assist you will greatly increase your chances of having the order expunged or lifted. 

What happens when someone violates a protective order? 

Sometimes people that have been served with a VPO, or Victim's Protective Order, immediately contact the victim to explain their side of the story or try to have them remove the order. However, this contact is often in direct violation of the protective order. Violating the protective order can result in a criminal charge.

If you have been served with a protective order, the best thing to do is contact a protection order attorney to discuss the terms of the order. If you have been wrongfully served with a protective order, then your attorney will work with you to protect your rights and try to have the order lifted.

Can a protective order be expunged in Oklahoma? 

Like a felony or a misdemeanor, a protective order can remain on your record and potentially hurt your reputation. In the state of Oklahoma, it is possible to have a protective order expunged from your permanent record. Contacting an attorney experienced with protective orders is your best bet for successfully removing a protective order from your record.

Contact Worden & Carbitcher for your protective order needs. 

Our team at Worden & Carbitcher understands the complex nature of protective orders and always works with our clients to best meet their needs. Whether you are seeking to file a protective order or have one lifted, we take protective orders seriously and work hard to represent our clients for the safety of everyone involved. If you are in need of legal services for protective orders, then contact our law office today for a consultation.