For a parent, the arrest of a child can be scary and stressful. You may be wondering whether your child will face jail time. Most parents are unaware of how the juvenile justice system differs from the adult justice system - a question they never thought they'd ask. 

But there are differences, and with the wrong attorney, your child's arrest could deeply impact their future. The truth is that juvenile crimes often point to an underlying issue. We are firm believers in not only helping your child avoid the juvenile court system, but also finding ways to get their life back on track to avoid future offenses. 

In Oklahoma, What Are The Most Common Types Of Juvenile Crimes?

  • Larceny
  • Drug possession, possession with intent, distribution
  • Assault and battery
  • Knowingly concealing stolen property
  • Juvenile sex crimes

Our award-winning attorneys have over two decades of criminal defense experience. In cases like these, it's important to take swift action. We are prepared to begin working on your case immediately, should we choose to take your child on as a client.

Do I really need an attorney for my child?

Juvenile crimes do not necessarily mean juvenile punishments. Many of these charges can carry serious consequences, whether felony or misdemeanor. At Worden & Carbitcher, we understand that everyone makes mistakes, especially children. Our attorneys will first aim to keep your child out of custody and home with their family. We will also suggest some of the following, depending on the charges: counseling, community service, restitution to the victims, rehabilitation options, and other options to set your child up for success. 

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