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  • Family Law

    With us on your side, you can feel confident in even the most stressful legal matters, including divorce and child custody. We’ll take the confusion and intimidation out of the legal process and ensure your voice is heard in the decisions that matter most — those affecting your family.

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  • Criminal Defense

    Good people sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Regardless of your charges, you deserve a fair shot at justice.

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Highly Recommend

" I highly recommend Worden Law Firm. When I assumed I was facing certain jail time for my charge & all hope was lost, Andrea ..." Read On

They Guided Me

" Worden Law guided me through the court system process. It was a long drawn out process, but they were with me every step of the ..." Read On

Great Job

" Andrea did a great job getting my case dismissed. She was a straight shooter from beginning to end and let me know what I could ..." Read On

Meet The Team

Andrea Worden

Founding Partner & Senior Attorney

Andrea is a powerhouse attorney, who has a well-deserved reputation for doing what is right by her client -- all the time, no matter what. She has spent the past 15 years building the Worden & Carbitcher Law Firm on the same foundation of client-first advocacy.

Darlene Carbitcher

Managing Partner

Darlene Carbitcher is more than a lawyer; she is a seasoned and tenacious advocate. Darlene has been protecting clients' rights since 2007.

Wyatt Worden


Wyatt has always held himself to a high standard of excellence, which carried over into law school where he graduated #1 in his class and earned 12 CALI Awards, an award given to the top scorer in each class. He now brings that standard of excellence to our firm and to our clients.

Stephanie Fryar


Stephanie brings to the table her tenacity, directness, and her thorough understanding of the law. She guides her clients with an unwavering dedication to transparency, creating a much-needed trust in the attorney-client relationship. 

Dayse Viezcas

Legal Assistant

Dayse Viezcas is the legal assistant and office manager for W&C. She is an incredible asset to the team, a liaison between our clients and our attorneys, and a superglue in our firm, making sure our day-to-day runs as smooth as possible. 

Jennifer Prilliman


An attorney for over sixteen years, Jennifer is an academia law librarian, bringing immense knowledge and legal research to our team. 

Let Us Help You

The Worden & Carbitcher Law Firm is a firm that truly cares about our clients and have earned a winning track record through ensuring our attorneys have superior knowledge in the law of their practice area. The Worden & Carbitcher Law Firm has been able to deliver consistent results for thousands of clients. Contact us online or call us at 405-360-8036, and we'll start going to work for you immediately.

Whatever your legal needs, you deserve an experienced advocate who will listen to you, fight for you, and most importantly, get you the best result possible. If you're stuck in a bad situation and don't know where to turn or simply in need of reliable, personalized legal advice, contact us today. We listen to our clients' needs, put together a plan of action, and begin working towards the best possible outcome.

Located in the heart of Norman, Oklahoma, we offer services to people across the state in a wide range of practice areas, including DUI/DWI, drug charges, juvenile charges, expungements, adoptions, divorce, child custody modification, nonprofit law, immigration, and more

Free Legal Consultation

We understand that attorneys' fees often discourage people from seeking the help they need. But at the Worden Law Firm, when we say the first consultation is free, we mean it. We'll evaluate your case and share some initial thoughts, allowing you to learn more about us and our strategy, all at no cost. Contact Us

Practice Areas


Because of the severe consequences associated with DUI/DWI convictions, these cases require the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Drug Charges

Oklahoma drug crimes are among the most strict in the nation. If convicted, you're looking at significant jail time, costly fines, mandatory drug rehab, and more.

Juvenile Charges

Growing up is all about making mistakes and learning from them. But when those mistakes involve criminal charges, they can follow you into adulthood.


The only way to erase your criminal record and start anew after a conviction, criminal charges, or an arrest is to go through the state's expungement process. We can help you navigate it.


Let us help ensure your adoption meets all state and local laws and regulations.


In one of the most vulnerable times of your life, you need representation that prioritizes your individual needs, concerns, and challenges.

Custody Modification

A child custody or visitation order can become impractical, unhealthy, or even unfair as time goes on. We can help you collect all relevant evidence and present your case for modification to the court

Self-defense & Stand Your Ground Defense

Have you been charged with a gun-related crime or sued for using your firearm? Or are you facing charges due to your efforts to defend yourself or another? Are you interested in a Gun Trust? We are here to help!

Nonprofit Law

There are unique issues that only affect nonprofit organizations. Whether you need help with the start-up, management, or resolution of a nonprofit, we're here to help.


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Andrea L. Worden
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