If DHS has taken your children, you're likely in an emotional state - understandably. The separation can feel devastating and permanent, but we're here to help you get your family back. 

It's important to understand that DHS' #1 job is to protect children.  In fact, DHS has a statutory duty to ensure that children in harmful situations are protected. 

However, with the right attorney and a solid effort on your part, it's possible to reunite your family. We know that sometimes, things aren't what they seem - perhaps you're on a path to better yourself through rehab, counseling, or other assistance. With a fierce advocate on your side at your DHS hearings, our team of attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher will make sure your voice is heard and your intentions are known.  

A Team That Works For You

We are a team of well-educated and experienced DHS lawyers with an established track record of keeping families together; our goal is to help our clients return to the life they love and know. We will fight tirelessly to defend your parental rights to achieve the best outcome possible.
If you have recently lost custody of your children to DHS, it's imperative that you act quickly. Not only is it precious time you're losing with your family, but the longer you wait, the more challenging your case can become. The court will look at how hard you choose to fight for your family, and one of those ways is hiring a reputable DHS lawyer to take your case. 
The first step in regaining custody of your children is calling our office so that we can best guide you through the process. During your paid consultation, we'll ask questions about your current custody situation and the state of your case so that we can gather the necessary information to fight on your behalf.

Call our office at 405-360-8036 to schedule a consultation.