Victim Protection Order

Abuse is a serious and heartbreaking topic. Victims of abuse have often suffered long before they ever file a restraining order. While filing a Protection Order certainly doesn't prevent violence 100%, doing so ensures that if that order is breached, the violator will be met with penalties. 

Protective orders - or restraining orders - are issued for victims of domestic violence or abuse. This may include physical harm, threats of physical harm, rape, or stalking. 

At Worden & Carbitcher we understand the sensitivity of this subject and offer years of experience helping clients with their protective order needs. Here are some of the most common questions we have received from some of our former clients:

How do I get a protective order? 

In the state of Oklahoma, police officers can issue a temporary/emergency protective order for victims of domestic violence if the courthouse is not open. Once the courthouse is open, the person can petition the court for a protective order. This can be done with or without the aid of an attorney, but the likelihood of the order being served is greater with legal assistance. 

Do I need an attorney to file a protective order? 

If you are filing a protective order, you can do so without an attorney. However, as with any kind of court order, it's important that you file correctly. Unless you have experience with court filings, this is where a legal expert is essential. Having an attorney assist you will increase your odds of obtaining an order against your abuser. The attorney can help you demonstrate that the abuser poses a threat and can assist you if the person being served is challenging the protective order.

We understand that sometimes these scenarios can feel scary, shocking, and in some cases, shameful. But our family law attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher have the knowledge and empathy to walk you through your circumstance. We'll equip you with the legal understanding to help you file your VPO and protect yourself and your family, if necessary.