Emergency Guardianship

What do you do if you need emergency guardianship of a minor child?

First, we need to establish why emergency guardianship is needed.

Some examples of when guardianship is necessary includes

  • The child's parents are incapacitated, 
  • The child's parents are incarcerated, 
  • The child's parent has given up their parental rights, 
  • The courts revoked the parent's rights and need to place the child in a different environment, 
  • The child(ren) are in unsafe or neglectful environments.


And who is involved?

  • The child(ren), 
  • The parent(s), 
  • Any other relatives or parties willing to help, 
  • Any state agencies.

This can be extremely complicated in normal situations, much less under an Oklahoma State of Emergency. But regardless of the current state of affairs, a child's well-being must be protected, especially if they may be, or already are, in harm's way.


As parents ourselves, we never want to see a child suffer. Call us today at (405) 360-8036 if you believe you need emergency guardianship to care for a child, and we will walk alongside you during the entire process.