5 Ways To Get Out of Jail

Posted by Andrea Worden | Apr 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

      1: Hire A Reputable Defense Attorney (That's us!)

  • Andrea Worden and Darlene Carbitcher of Worden and Carbitcher were named two of the top Criminal Defense attorneys in Oklahoma by 405 Magazine. Charisma and fast-talk may seem like all the rage, but nothing trumps experience and having a fierce advocate on your side.
  1. Diversion and Offender Programs
  • Though not an option for every single offender, diversion courts can allow some defendants - to use certain programs such as rehab, treatments, community service, medication, group therapy, fines, restitution to the victim, and so on. These programs divert the defendant from jail to a program, and if completed successfully, the case can sometimes be dismissed. Common programs include Wellness Court, DUI Court, Drug Court, Veteran Court and Community Sentencing.
  1. Knowing Your Charges
  • Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, many Oklahomans have no idea what is considered a misdemeanor, a felony, or what either of those charges entails. A misdemeanor in Oklahoma carries a maximum punishment of no more than a year in county jail, while a felony charge has a minimum of at least a year – and it means prison, not county. A felony can also strip you of your right to vote, carry or possess a firearm, and more. The point is: know your charges before negotiating, entering a plea, or really, talking at all. The right to remain silent is your Constitutional Right and you should use it.
  1. Show Up
  • Another one that sounds simple, but failure to appear in court happens more often than you think. Not only does it leave a bad impression, but the judge could issue a warrant for your arrest. So, show up to court – every time.
  1. Pre-sentencing Rehab
  • The next best thing to showing up is showing up well. Defendants (and their attorneys) should aim to cast themselves in the best light possible. That means if you're on the hook for a drug or alcohol related crime, attending AA meetings, rehabilitation programs, or counseling will show the court you're willing to do what it takes to put in the work – even prior to sentencing. This goes for other offenses as well – there's couples counseling, anger management, cognitive thinking courses, and more.

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