Wyatt Worden

Wyatt has always held himself to a high standard of excellence, which carried over into law school where he graduated #1 in his class and earned 12 CALI Awards, an award given to the top scorer in each class. He now brings that standard of excellence to our firm and to our clients.

Wyatt joined the firm after serving more than 10 years in executive leadership with an international nonprofit organization, most recently in the role of General Counsel. He has a sincere passion for the work nonprofit organizations do and is committed to helping them build a solid, lasting foundation. He and Andrea, his wife and founder of the Worden & Carbitcher Law Firm, also own Telos Payment Processing, a business that supports nonprofit organizations by giving 50% of its gross earnings to charities around the world. Through his experience in nonprofit and small business management, Wyatt offers our nonprofit clients a unique perspective on all aspects of operating (and stewarding) nonprofits and their resources.

Also near and dear to Wyatt's heart is immigration law. Living abroad and traveling extensively internationally (20+ countries) has given Wyatt a first-hand view of how immigrants and foreign visitors are often treated outside their home countries. While his experiences are a far cry from what many immigrants face, they opened Wyatt's eyes to the need that exists for affordable legal assistance for immigrants and their families, especially during these politically volatile and uncertain times. Whatever your needs, Wyatt will diligently defend your rights and your dignity.

Wyatt handles a wide range of cases but focuses most of his time on matters related to nonprofit law, contract drafting, and immigration.

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