5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney with Worden & Carbitcher 

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When it comes to any kind of legal action, most people initially wonder, “Can I do this myself?” Oftentimes, the answer is yes, you sure can. But should you? 

With over 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher have practiced in a range of family law and criminal law matters. Handling everything from DUIs to expungements in criminal law, our firm is all too familiar with the inevitable fallout of people choosing to pursue legal matters without an attorney. It can lead to losing your case, paying unnecessary fines and fees, and even prison time. 

Within family law, you may be considering a stepparent adoption, a guardianship matter, or even your divorce as something doable on your own. The consequences won't render something so harsh as prison time, but what about financial repercussions for years to come? What if you actually could get alimony? What if your lack of understanding of the law leads to a botched guardianship or stepparent adoption case that you now have to re-file, costing you double the time and money? 
Any kind of legal matter that requires disputes, challenges, and negotiations is best done with a legal professional. The benefits far outweigh the financial costs, and in the long run, will likely save you money anyway. 

Here are 5 reasons to hire an attorney: 

1. The legal landscape is complex 

In an ideal world, everything would be in layman's terms, but that's just not the case. When going pro se (or representing one's self), you're still required to follow courthouse protocol, understand – and sometimes speak – legal language, and follow certain guidelines. While you might be saving a little cash up front, you're paying for it in the amount of time you must dedicate to learning the legal landscape to represent yourself adequately. 

2. The opposing party will likely have an attorney 

It's rare - especially in disputes - to go in unrepresented. Chances are, the opposing party will have legal representation. This puts you at an automatic disadvantage. Opposing counsel will see this as an opportunity to prey on your legal ignorance, knowing you lack the tactical awareness to see issues before they're presented. Disputes are like a game of chess - it's one thing to know the rules of the game; it's another thing to be able to anticipate and prepare for your opponent's next move. That's where your attorney comes in. 

3. Misfilings can ruin your case 

Sounds surprising, but filing the wrong documents, missing a deadline, or simply failing to follow protocol can delay or even have your case completely thrown out. Our attorneys are familiar with the Oklahoma filing process, know when to submit documents, and will make sure your legal ducks are in a row. A small misstep in this process can land you back to square one, which will cost you time and money in the end. Our attorneys at Worden & Carbitcher will take delicate care of these matters for you. 

4. We can negotiate the best deal 

Our attorneys are trained negotiators. When going pro se in both family and criminal law cases, people often end up either taking a lesser deal than they should have or even throwing in the towel altogether. You want to receive the best possible outcome for your case - a win, for all intents and purposes. Our attorneys have likely handled a case similar to yours and know what's possible, what to ask for, and whether your expectations are realistic. Your attorney will guide you through the process and ensure that even if you can't get exactly what you want from your case, we'll get you the next best thing. 

5. With Worden & Carbitcher, you gain an entire team 

Our team works closely with one another, so when you hire an attorney at Worden & Carbitcher, in a way, you're hiring all of us. We frequently utilize each other's legal strong points to navigate the best path forward for our clients. We bounce ideas off of each other, share resources and networks, and provide feedback. We assure you that you'll be well taken care of within our firm. We strive to treat each client as if they were our own family members. 

How to get started with Worden & Carbitcher 
Hiring an attorney may seem daunting at first. That's why we like to schedule a no-commitment consultation so that we can hear your case, offer legal advice, and see if we're a good fit for you. Call our office today at 405.360.8036 for more information. 

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