Easy Tips For Making A Better Case For Yourself

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  • Your attorney is your advocate, not your adversary or employee. Treat them as such. They are required by law to look out for your best interest.

  • See your attorney as your teammate, not your employee. Your employee can quit for poor treatment and so can your attorney.  Just because you pay for the services doesn't mean you can treat your attorney however you want.

  • If you don't understand something, your attorney doesn't know unless you tell him/her.

  • You know your story best. Write down your story.  All parts of your story are important to you, but it is your attorney's job to determine what parts are relevant for your legal case.  Timeline format is best.
  • Keep a journal with dates. Journals are extremely helpful for keeping record of your case.
  • Take screenshots of relevant communications related to your case.
  • Keep your attorney informed of new developments. Our office offers contact by phone, email, fax, portal messaging and text.
  • It is your attorney's job to determine legal strategy, not yours.
  • It is your job to follow through with the judge's orders.
  • The things you do to better yourself like counseling, treatment, classes generally also help your case.
  • Aside from emergency hearings, you won't immediately go before a judge. Remember, court dates are set according to the assigned judge's availability as well as all attorneys.
  • Attorneys are people and need money to survive too. If your boss didn't pay you when they were supposed to, would you keep working for them?    Pay your attorney.
  • How you present to people says a lot about you and how seriously you are taking your matter.
  • Be kind to everyone even if you don't like them.
  • The saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is true.
  • Appear at appointments, visits, etc. appropriately dressed, bathed, well- groomed and not intoxicated.
  • When attending court, put on your best clothes. Imagine what you'd wear to a traditional funeral or church.  No tanks, shorts, no crop tops, shirt skirts/ dresses, low cut tops, hats, gym clothes, flip flops/ slides.
  • Be truthful with your attorney. It is best for your attorney to be prepared for any “surprises” that might arise.
  • Keep all court related documents together in a folder.

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