Pro-tip: The more documentation the better [Free apps you can use]

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Divorce, especially if kids are involved, can be really messy. It's even worse if one of the parties  isn't cooperative. In these cases, your documentation is even more important now.

Scenario - you need to co-parent, but your soon-to-be-ex never responds or claims you didn't send them anything.

What do you do? Utilize technology for your divorce documentation!


If you are using email, use an app extension like Mailtrack connected to your email. It will send you an automatic email when the receiver opens your email, or will send an automatic message if the recipient hasn't opened your email.  Keep that read receipt! It proves you sent your email, and it proves the other did see it or that they never opened it (which could be used to say they were intentionally ignoring your communications.)


Install a text app that automatically downloads your texts (we've used SMS Backup or Helium).  If you have a G Suite cloud-based Storage account or an iCloud account, upload your text backups to that storage account every day. While texts are an easy way to communicate, it is also an easy way to OVER communicate, especially when tempers flare.

Phone calls:

A lot of important information can be held in phone calls.  However, because phone calls are mostly verbal, it's far harder to document these. We suggest downloading a phone call recording app. If you're concerned about third party access to your phone, then make sure that you write down important information or a summary of the phone call every time, using the email method.  You can also use multiple devices. If you have an old phone laying around, or any other device that can record, you can answer your regular phone, and then record on the second device. After the call is over, download or transfer that audio file to your cloud storage. 

In person:

Bless the utility of smartphones. If drop off or pick up is an issue, or if there are any other face-to-face encounters that tend to be combative or create tension, keep your phone in your pocket and with an audio recorder or video recorder, record the encounter.  This is especially helpful if you have a spouse who threatens or harasses you, and you need proof of it. 


Many programs and software are being developed to act as an all-in-one for parenting communication.  TalkingParents is an online program that allows you to message, upload attachments, and even call the other parent, with all information saved to the archives.  The system tracks when you log in, when you send a message or attachment, and when the other party reads it. You can call through the app and calls are recorded as well.  The other party will need to agree to use it or it can be court ordered. 

Every situation is unique, so you may need to use more than one of these options to best fit your case, but the bottom line is ensure you document as much as possible and do it in a way that is consistent and easily accessible.

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