Document drafting: a budget-friendly option

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What is document drafting, and do you need an attorney? 
Document drafting is necessary when there are legal documents required when filing with a court. This could be in divorce, custody, planning your estate, or really, any kind of legal contract. 
Every filing with the court has its own set of requirements, language, and format – depending on your jurisdiction. Legal writing takes years to master, and even then, it can still be a challenge.
The main point here is to do your research, particularly if you're planning to draft your own documents or use a DIY online service. Many times, we have clients come in who've spent hours researching and attempting to draft their own documents in hopes of saving money, but who eventually need some sort of legal assistance.
That's where we come in. 
 At Worden & Carbitcher, we can handle the full gamut – consulting, document drafting, and filing. Some legal matters – particularly those that are more complicated or lengthy in nature, such as large estate planning or a complicated custody situation – can benefit from full drafting and filing by an attorney. In these cases, additional legal consultation may be needed if multiple parties are involved, questions arise, or the situation fluctuates. 
But that's not every case, and we also understand the need to find a budget-friendly option.
We can provide the document drafting while you do the filing and court appearances – for fewer fees. 
This is a great option for many legal matters. Our attorneys will take all the facts, guidelines, and research of the matter and apply them to their document drafting in a way that positions the law to accomplish your goals. From there, you'll be given instructions on precisely how to file with the court. 
Our attorneys have the legal expertise and decades of experience in document drafting to ensure it is legally sound, in your favor, and comprehendible by all parties involved. As Richard Wydick said, “Good legal writing does not sound as though it had been written by a lawyer.” 
For more information on document drafting fees or to set up a consultation, call our office at 405-360-8036. 

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