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Good news: Worden & Carbitcher offers services across Oklahoma, including federal and tribal courts.

The majority of the cases our office handles are in municipal (city) and county (state) courts.

What does that mean? 

There are three federal courts in Oklahoma: 

  • Eastern District of Oklahoma 
  • Northern District of Oklahoma
  • Western District of Oklahoma

Federal courts are where we see federal lawsuits and cases originate. Examples include: 

  • When the United States is a party
  • Violations against the constitution or federal laws
  • Crimes on federal land (ex. military base, federal parks)
  • Bankruptcy cases 

Tribal Courts 

People often call our office to ask if we handle tribal cases.  The answer is yes.  Each tribe has its own laws but for the most part, tribal law mirrors state law. Our firm here at Worden & Carbitcher was founded and owned by Native American women.  

If you or a loved one have a case, call our office today to schedule a consultation at 405-360-8036. 

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